If you have landed on this page, it is probably from LinkedIn and / or you have approached me for a referral.

I currently work at Spotify and I would be glad to refer you to an open position at Spotify if that matches your career ambition and you have the skills that we need. However it is great to know how referrals work in general so that you have the right expectations and you are well prepared.

Please note, that the views in this page are my personal opinion, and I am not an official spokesperson of Spotify.

Do read this blog post about working at Spotify, and also search for “referral” in the post before approaching me for a referral.

To summarize:

What is a referral and why does this exist:

Employees have networks and they know if someone fits a role, and hence they can send an application. That is a referral. This doesn’t mean that a referral would be prioritized over a non referred application. This also does not guarantee that you would get an interview because you were referred. However it is ensured that you are never interviewed by your referrer, because they might be biased towards to you. I am glad that Spotify is not an exclusive workplace where internal employee referrals get prioritized. We are a diverse and inclusive company and your interview and hiring process would happen independent of how you applied. Whether your spouse or your friend works at Spotify would have NO role to play in your hiring process.

For a referral from me:

Look for a suitable opening on, and if you see something that suits you and you believe that you are a good fit for that, share me a link of that job along with your contact details. No LinkedIn job postings please. I can’t refer you with your LinkedIn profile :\

If you have already applied at, there is no need for me to refer you again, your application is already being considered.

And I am always glad and eager to refer you, do contact me if you think it would help you. :D